The “Happiness Paradox” of John Stewart Mill states that, “Only those are happy…who have their mind fixed on something other than their own happiness.”

In other words, attempting to grasp hold of the thing you desperately desire is almost certain to make it slip from your grasp.

Countless sales people suffer from something similar. I call it the “Commission Paradox.” Or perhaps the “Quarterly Goal Paradox.” They become so fixated on making their numbers and/or cashing their checks that they forget to employ the basic strategies of selling.

More to the point, if you are focused on your own narrow goals, your actions will become caricatures of desperation. You must understand that your prospects know when you are desperate. They know when you are working for yourself and not for them.

So try not to worry so much about the final result of the sale. Focus on the systems that you have in place and work through them methodically.

Identify the challenges faced by your prospects, make the number of calls and contacts that you need to make – and remain relentlessly focused on helping your prospects and clients to succeed. Your numbers (and your commissions) will take care of themselves.