Charles De Gaulle once said that, “The graveyards are full of indispensable men.”

This is an important lesson that all of us should learn.

How often have you felt as though you could not possibly take a vacation? Or a day off? Or enjoy a weekend day?

With uncomfortable frequency, we consider our presence to be absolutely necessary to the success of the enterprise in which we are involved. Particularly in sales situations where we carry most of the deep knowledge and the important relationships.

If you find yourself chronically feeling this way, there may be something amiss. In fact, if your absence would send your company into an immediate death spiral, lots of things are wrong. You have not sufficiently delegated. You have not put clear plans and systems into place. You have not communicated your position well to others. And you are probably smothering your client(s) to boot.

So what would happen if you were absent for a few days? Would your deals really implode? These are questions worth asking.