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Cluck, cluck…roar+

According to biologists, the closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the chicken. Which is to say; just because...

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What a long, strange (sales) trip it’s been+

This past weekend, I saw the British movie, The Trip. Nothing happens. There is no plot. There are no car...

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The “Do-Nothing Blues” – Getting Your Prospects To WANT To Buy+

I’ve got bad news for you. Unless you are selling food, water, or shelter, your customers and prospects don’t really...

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I Cannot Tell A Lie – A 4th Of July Sales Lesson+

The American Revolution was faltering. After 7 years of battle, the country lay in ruins, Congress was unable to pay...

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Go Where It Hurts: Why You Need To Talk To The People You Like Least+

Eat your vegetables, go to the gym…and talk regularly to the prospective customers whom you like the least. That last...

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Geoffrey James is Wrong+

Geoffrey James, the “Sales Machine” is a very clever guy and an exceptional writer. But on at least one point...

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Prospects: If You Don’t Help Them, They Can’t Help You+

Back in the 90′s, I worked for a former Marine. He was a steely-eyed, Two-Tours-In-‘Nam, “Victory At Any Price” kind...

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Sales & Motivation+

Sales is not rocket science. Tactically, it’s an activity that is easy to manage. After you’ve identified your target market,...

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Trashing The Trade Show – One Man’s Tale Of Liberation+

Sales people despise them.  Management hates paying for them.  Marketing spends weeks or months preparing for them.  And most people...

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Groceries, Hunger…and Selling+

You should never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry.  Studies consistently show that hungry people make far more...

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