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Flying off the handle+

We’ve all said things we regret. We’ve said those things to our spouses, our friends, our bosses, and our prospects....

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Battle Royale+

Have you ever walked out of a client meeting and passed a competitor who was walking in? Or have you...

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Nothing Comes To Those Who Wait+

I watched my hapless cat trying to hunt birds the other day. She didn’t feel like running or jumping, so...

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The Six-Year-Old Scrum+

Playing soccer in 8th grade, I was always surprised by the tremendous inconsistency of our team’s level of play. On...

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Tired Old Lines+

You’ll often hear that an objection in sales is simply, “a request for more information” by your prospect. I prefer...

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Managing Your Sales Manager+

Lots of sales people dread weekly meetings with their managers. Lots of sales managers dread weekly meetings with their VPs....

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He/She Just Won’t Return My Calls (Sob!)+

Every sales person has experienced the frustration of unreturned emails and phone calls. Faced with this dilemma, clients often ask...

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The “Do-Nothing Blues” – Getting Your Prospects To WANT To Buy+

I’ve got bad news for you. Unless you are selling food, water, or shelter, your customers and prospects don’t really...

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Go Where It Hurts: Why You Need To Talk To The People You Like Least+

Eat your vegetables, go to the gym…and talk regularly to the prospective customers whom you like the least. That last...

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Geoffrey James is Wrong+

Geoffrey James, the “Sales Machine” is a very clever guy and an exceptional writer. But on at least one point...

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