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Don’t Despair+

I know this is hard to believe, but a few years back, I actually lost two sales in a row...

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Run Away! The Art of Attracting What You Want+

The German philosopher Heidegger said that we tend to pursue those things that retreat from us. Every sales person is...

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Managing Your Sales Manager+

Lots of sales people dread weekly meetings with their managers. Lots of sales managers dread weekly meetings with their VPs....

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What a long, strange (sales) trip it’s been+

This past weekend, I saw the British movie, The Trip. Nothing happens. There is no plot. There are no car...

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The “Do-Nothing Blues” – Getting Your Prospects To WANT To Buy+

I’ve got bad news for you. Unless you are selling food, water, or shelter, your customers and prospects don’t really...

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Geoffrey James is Wrong+

Geoffrey James, the “Sales Machine” is a very clever guy and an exceptional writer. But on at least one point...

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Five Things You Need To Know About Your Sales Proposal+

Most sales people will tell you that their least favorite activity is responding to RFPs and creating proposals in general. ...

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The 3 Reasons You Lost That Sale+

Please send the children out of the room – we need to discuss a very sensitive subject. It’s called…”Losing a...

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Relieving the Stress of “Making Your Numbers”+

Q: What’s the hardest part of sales Q: What’s the most stressful part of sales? A: The answer is the...

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Egypt, Mass Demonstrations…and the Inflection Point in Sales.+

How did it happen? A few weeks ago, the largest anti-government demonstration in Egypt was a couple of guys whispering...

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