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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know+

Most sales people have faced this moment of terror: Your prospect asks you a detailed and important question about your...

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It Costs What It Costs+

Why are people always asking you to lower the price of your products and services? The answer is simple; because...

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Five Ways To Craft The Perfect Executive Summary+

Over 50% of all sales proposals are not read in detail by their intended audience.  The flip side, however, is...

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Music, Film, Technology…and Selling+

Click - Zsa & Claire - for video The greatest music, film, and technology conference in the world is held each...

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Two Ways To…Be Nice To Your Competitors:+

Be careful what you say about your competition – you just may end up working for them. In my case, that...

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The 3 Reasons You Lost That Sale+

Please send the children out of the room – we need to discuss a very sensitive subject. It’s called…”Losing a...

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Do You Really Want To Wear Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress?+

Did you ever notice how sales people can be divided into the same personality “types” as celebrities? So what kind...

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Relieving the Stress of “Making Your Numbers”+

Q: What’s the hardest part of sales Q: What’s the most stressful part of sales? A: The answer is the...

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Egypt, Mass Demonstrations…and the Inflection Point in Sales.+

How did it happen? A few weeks ago, the largest anti-government demonstration in Egypt was a couple of guys whispering...

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Four Tips for Engaging Your Clients & Prospects @ Work+

This article also appears at www.B2Bbuzz.org If you’re a sales person, you probably spend much of your day in someone...

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