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Big is small…and small is big.+

Here’s a crazy paradox: Giant mega-companies are trying to convince everyone that they are nimble, quirky, local, and small(ish) in...

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Don’t Despair+

I know this is hard to believe, but a few years back, I actually lost two sales in a row...

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Smile, You’re on Candid Camera+

Earlier this year, I decided to install some video security monitors on the outside perimeter of my house. I contacted...

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Competitors Are People Too!+

If you had to, could you convincingly argue the point of view of your main competitor? I hope the answer...

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Big Crisis – Big Lesson+

“Erroneous assumptions can be disastrous.” -Peter Drucker I was speaking with the VP of Sales for a mid-sized manufacturing firm...

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Care About Your Prospects – Don’t Capitulate To Them+

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” -Stephen Covey For...

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Go Where It Hurts: Why You Need To Talk To The People You Like Least+

Eat your vegetables, go to the gym…and talk regularly to the prospective customers whom you like the least. That last...

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Sales & Motivation+

Sales is not rocket science. Tactically, it’s an activity that is easy to manage. After you’ve identified your target market,...

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Too Good To Be True? What To Do When The Competition Lies:+

I watched the attached video and my jaw dropped in disbelief.  “Wait a minute,” I said.  “That simply can’t be...

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Music, Film, Technology…and Selling+

Click - Zsa & Claire - for video The greatest music, film, and technology conference in the world is held each...

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