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News flash: You are “in sales” – whether you like it or not+

“Oh, I could never be in sales!” How many times have you heard people say that? And how many of...

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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know+

Most sales people have faced this moment of terror: Your prospect asks you a detailed and important question about your...

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Admit it – you watch other people performing their jobs, and you frequently think, “Hey, that doesn’t look so hard.”...

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Prospects: If You Don’t Help Them, They Can’t Help You+

Back in the 90′s, I worked for a former Marine. He was a steely-eyed, Two-Tours-In-‘Nam, “Victory At Any Price” kind...

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“Solution Selling” is Dead+

“Don’t sell features and functions – sell Soluuutions!”  “Price?”  “Why should price matter?”  “We’re selling Soluuutions!’ You’ve heard it before,...

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