The curse of repetition stalks every sales person. From day to day, week to week, and month to month, we are usually selling pretty much the same product.

Sometimes we find ourselves falling into a rut – saying the same words, performing the same demonstrations, and telling the same jokes. The problem is, this repetition gets old for us, and boring for our prospects (admit it, you can tell when someone is reciting the same joke for the nine-millionth time.)

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Remember that every client is a unique individual who will use your product or service in his own unique way. Which is why we ask prospects questions in the first place. Those questions – and the unique answers that we receive – help us to weave a distinctive narrative each time. When their story becomes central to the sale (as opposed to our tired recitation of generic product benefits), then the sale becomes something fresh and new.

Remember to ask yourself: “How does my presentation address the needs of this prospect?” “In what ways will his or her working life improve once he is using my product or service?” “How are this individual’s needs different from the last person with whom I spoke?” And of course, “why is this person talking to me in the first place?”

So remember to focus on the prospect first. The benefits of your product flow from the needs of the customer – not vice versa. Trust me – your customers will thank you by purchasing more of what you are selling – and by being far more enthusiastic about the sales process itself. Best of all, you may just find yourself having more fun as well!