The German philosopher Heidegger said that we tend to pursue those things that retreat from us.

Every sales person is familiar with this refrain. When we see our prospect’s interest and enthusiasm wane, we become ever more frantic in our pursuit of them.

Apart from the annoyance that our behavior can generate among our prospects, let’s consider flipping this relationship on its head.

Here’s how I approach selling: I fully believe that the product I sell is invaluable. The price that I charge is negligible compared to the benefits that my clients reap. People who work with me are very fortunate to have found me and my company. I will not work with / sell to just anyone who requests my services – it has to be a good fit.

Having established the principles above, I can now “interview” prospective clients to determine their needs and goals. I do not have to chase them, and I will not chase them. They may, however, feel free to chase me.