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Nice Guys Finish…First?+

Your manager lied to you.  She told you that nice guys don’t prosper in sales. In fact, she was pretty...

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Willy Loman Meets the Internet Age:+

Sales, Marketing and PR are converging to the point where it’s sometimes hard to know where one ends and the...

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Stop Looking At The Thing That Will Kill You!+

Every serious motorcycle rider knows the truth.  If you stare hard at the thing that you’re about to hit—then you...

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Hurry up and wait…on ME!+

  You answer the phone—and a person you don’t know starts bossing you around. You know the drill; a potential...

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MP3s stink…but don’t tell that to 2 billion listeners!+

How many people reading this blog have never heard a vinyl record album? How about a vacuum tube radio, amp,...

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Stop "Closing" – Start Living+

Let’s talk about this word “Closing”. And then let’s not.  What picture comes to mind when you think of the...

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How Embarrassed Are You?+

Is your face red yet?  Well, it would be if you told your clients about the “Sales System” that you...

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