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Refuse to be a Victim!+

The point of your manager’s sword twists into the skin of your back.  “WALK THE PLANK, YE’ SCURVY DOG!” he...

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The Price is Right?+

“That’s highway robbery!!” I know that you’ve heard this complaint (or something like it) before.  Everyone who makes a living...

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What Can Acting Teach Us About Selling?+

Have you ever noticed how a struggling sales person is like a bad actor? Stomping around the stage, spewing ill-prepared...

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Mall Rats & Mini-Sales+

My girlfriend dragged me to our neighborhood mall last Saturday. While she was returning a trash bag-sized sack of clothes...

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Criminals Need To Eat Too:+

  Do you want to hear about a really excellent scam? A few days ago, I received an automated voicemail—supposedly...

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Consume Bad Stuff and Perish:+

“You’re a salesman – that’s you’re job,” said my client.  “You eat all the s*** we serve—and then you ask...

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Really Sick Stuff+

I was waiting in line for a sandwich the other day at my local Whole Foods store.  In front of...

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From the Mouths of Babes:+

 “Twitter is a fantastic way for knowledgeable and interesting people to share information with the world.”  “Twitter is the biggest...

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Don’t Lie to Me!+

  I heard a really crazy NPR story the other day.  It was a series of “man-on-the-street” interviews at a...

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        1.  Falling asleep on the airplane, and being jolted awake by profound turbulence.  Are you more concerned that...

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