Oh, I could never be in sales!

How many times have you heard people say that? And how many of them do you suppose realize that they are in sales?

Of course most people don’t think of themselves as “salesmen.” But the fact of the matter is, virtually every profession – indeed virtually every human action – has a strong component of salesmanship. From doctors, to lawyers, to contractors, to teachers, every single person must sell himself, sell his ideas, and sell his services to whomever his clients happen to be.

As sales people, we’re just more honest about what we do. We craft specific value propositions for our prospects, we explain why it’s in their best interest to work with us, and we clearly define the costs and benefits of doing so. How does that differ from asking for a date…or convincing your colleagues to get pizza for lunch? Not too much.

It’s true that few children say, “I really want to grow up to be a salesman!” But the reality is that all of our education and all the formative events of our lives move us in the direction of persuasion and accommodation. So let’s hear it for the honesty of the sales person!