Why is a bad sales person like a bad actor? We know that they are both painful to watch – but they share far more in common than you might suspect.

Here are some of the similarities:

They do not believe in what they are saying. There is a huge difference between reading lines, and actively believing in your “scene.” Just ask Meryl Streep. Then ask Paris Hilton.

They ignore the other people on stage with them. Great actors pay lots of attention to the other players on stage – so do great sales people. Poor actors and sales people may as well be all by themselves.

Their motivation is transparently false. Al Pacino isn’t thinking about his vacation plans when he’s on screen. Rather, he’s completely absorbed in the scene that he is playing. In fact, as a method actor, he momentarily believes it’s real. Are you that committed to every sales scene?

Their physical behavior is exaggerated and strange. Such over-the-top behavior stopped being considered good acting when silent movies went out of fashion. Proper motivation breeds natural physical behavior. Just be normal!