Why are people always asking you to lower the price of your products and services?

The answer is simple; because they think that it’s in their best interest.

That means in order to maintain an appropriate pricing level, you must explain to people why this is not so.

First of all, you should have a solid understanding of why your company charges what it does. Are they well within the range of their competitors? Are they making a fair return on their risk and on their investment? Is the customer ROI compelling and quantifiable?

Good, now you’re well positioned to describe why it’s in your client’s interest to pay you a fair price.

Do they want you to hire the best developers, the best executives, and the best customer support staff? Check. Do they want you to remain financially healthy for many years of productive partnership? Check. Do they want you to offer them new products and quality upgrades? Check.

So you see it is in your customer’s best interest to insure that your company receives an appropriate return on its investment. Now it’s just a matter of explaining these facts and establishing a genuine partnership moving forward.