You should never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry.  Studies consistently show that hungry people make far more impulse purchases and buy less healthy food than people who have recently eaten.  They also spend significantly more money.

So why would you enter a sales situation when you are “hungry” for a commission, “hungry” for success, and “hungry” for the approval of your manager?  We already know that hungry people make bad decisions.  They act impulsively and against their own interests.  In short, their desire to perform is the very thing that sets them up for failure.

There is one clear way to avoid the pitfalls of “hunger” in a sales situation.

Try shifting the focus of your motivation from yourself to your client or prospect.  In other words, spend the bulk of your time trying to figure out how you can help this other person to succeed.  How can you best meet his needs?  How can you insure his satisfaction?  How can you arrange for an attractive price?

These questions will displace your own desires, maximize your efficiency and increase your chances for success.

Think of it like systematically working your way through the grocery store.  Rather than thinking, “I’m starving!!” you’re better off assembling an appropriate collection of healthy foods for specific meals with specific nutritional and flavor requirements.

If this all sounds too “clinical” to you, ask which type of sales person you would rather work with.  The one who is starving to death, or the one who has a clear plan to support and assist you?