Did you ever notice how sales people can be divided into the same personality “types” as celebrities?

So what kind of sales person are you? Whether you’re Lady Gaga or Lance Armstrong, your public persona will have a lot to do with your longevity…and your level of success.

Here’s a list of some of the common types:

The Train Wreck: You know the type. Like Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen. This guy (or gal) is the first to break out the bottle of tequila, shows up late and disheveled for meetings, and is generally hilarious and popular with clients. But here’s the problem. After the age of 24, the act starts to get old. And have you seen the folks who are still at it in their 40’s and 50’s? Ouch.

Mr./Ms. Shtick-tastic: That would be like “Lady Gaga”. This is the sales person who engages in eccentric or unpredictable behavior. The problem with this personality type is that it requires constant re-invention to keep the act from becoming boring. In fact, I predict that by 2012, Lady G. will have ditched the meat dress for a pant suit and will be addressing everyone as, “Sir” and “Ma’am.” Radical style shifts are possible for zillionaire entertainers – but they confuse the message and sap the energy of quality sales people.

The Relentless Pro: Lance Armstrong, Peyton Manning, or the Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald all reflect this quality. It’s all about head’s down drive and consistent performance. But sales is about more than just hard work and tactical skill. Above all else, sales is about other people and our relationships with them.

The Do-gooder: The Dalai Lama? Mother Theresa? Don’t even try it – nobody would believe you!

The Reliable Partner: I think of James Caan, Robert Duval…or even Penelope Cruz. I know; these folks are all actors – great actors. And they’ve kept our attention for many years by showing us authentic emotions, empathy, truthfulness and laser-like motivations. All of which happen to be the same qualities of truly great sales people!

We’ve all got the qualities of these “Reliable Partners” inside of us. It’s just a question of tapping into them and revealing them to the world. And when you do, it will not only make for better selling, but for better living as well!