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4 Key Strategies For Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Email:+

The following blog also appears @ www.B2Bbuzz.org: You may have learned in “Communications 101” that 70% of your communicative abilities...

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5 Things That You Should Never Do In Sales:+

During the Q&A session of a recent presentation, an audience member asked me, “So what things should we never do...

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Mall Rats & Mini-Sales+

My girlfriend dragged me to our neighborhood mall last Saturday. While she was returning a trash bag-sized sack of clothes...

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Consume Bad Stuff and Perish:+

“You’re a salesman – that’s you’re job,” said my client.  “You eat all the s*** we serve—and then you ask...

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Really Sick Stuff+

I was waiting in line for a sandwich the other day at my local Whole Foods store.  In front of...

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