Here’s a crazy paradox: Giant mega-companies are trying to convince everyone that they are nimble, quirky, local, and small(ish) in attitude. Tiny companies on the other hand would like everyone to believe that they have massive resources behind them (darkly hinting at possible connections to Google.)

Why is this? It’s because large companies are fearful of being viewed as out of touch. Small companies, on the other hand, are worried that you’ll think that they are going to have their lunch money taken away from them on the playground. They want to convince you that they are strong, resourced, and well-connected.

When you think about it, this is really a lot of foolishness. Everyone knows that Coke is neither local nor small. And no, they do not care about your active and youthful lifestyle. “” on the other hand has not really convinced anyone that they are on the verge of a major deal with the Chinese government.

As a sales person, you should avoid getting caught up in these silly attempts at misdirection. Simply highlight your strengths and do not apologize for them.

If your company is small and nimble, that’s OK. Let people know about your ability to turn on a dime and your profound customer focus. If your company is huge and has more staff and resources than Thor, good for you. You can boast of your longevity, stability, and market expertise.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m a big fan of just telling the truth. It means you have far less to remember